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Our jour­ney in hair­styling is as var­ied as our inter­ests out­side of work. But together, we have a com­bined total of 40 years in design­ing and styling hair.

Since we’ll get to know alot about you (some of you much sooner than later), we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into who we are and what makes us tick, don’t you think? Drum roll….

  • Abbotsford Hair Salon - Studio Rouge - Rhonda Arnold

    Rhonda Arnold, Owner & Stylist

    A styl­ist now for 18 years, and a hair color spe­cial­ist for 13, Rhonda Arnold is the owner & one of the styl­ists at Stu­dio Rouge. Find out why her clients rave about her.

  • Abbotsford Hair Salon - Studio Rouge - Bill Arpe

    Bill Arpe, Stylist

    Bill Arpe brings his long tenure in hair­styling and unique sense of humor to the stu­dio. Do you know what kind of instruc­tion Bill was involved with pre­vi­ously? Dis­cover it now…

  • Abbotsford Hair Salon - Studio Rouge - Melissa King

    Melissa King, Styl­ist, Makeup & Pink Rib­bon Stylist

    Melissa’s pas­sion­ate and skilled in hair exten­sion work, color, and her clients con­tin­u­ally boast about her great head mas­sages. Dis­cover what she’s offer­ing new clients…

  • Abbotsford Hair Salon - Studio Rouge - Chantelle

    Chantelle Achtymichuk, Stylist

    What did Chantelle get top votes for in hair school? Dis­cover how to reach this com­mit­ted and cre­ative styl­ist in our studio…

  • Abbotsford Hair Salon - Studio Rouge - Monte Arnold

    Monte Arnold, Mas­sage Pro & Photographer

    Monte Arnold has spe­cial­ized in the last 13 years as a mas­sage pro­fes­sional in sports injuries and spa work. And his pho­tog­ra­phy stu­dio is attached to Stu­dio Rouge too! What’s Monte’s advice when you’re look­ing for a mas­sage pro­fes­sional? Find out now…

  • Abbotsford Hair Salon - Studio Rouge - Daisy

    Daisy, Greeter & Model

    The offi­cial greeter for Stu­dio Rouge, Daisy is 15 pounds of hap­pi­ness wait­ing to wel­come you into our salon. Daisy’s mod­el­ing efforts have paid off — do you where she appears? And what kind of hair treat­ment does she love? Find out now…


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